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This website is simple and direct—on purpose.

No fluff. No fancy design. No bullshit.

Just our honest opinions about making music as an indie artist and building a self-controlled career.

You can decide for yourself if you think the same way we do—if you’re our kind of person.

If you are, you can schedule a call and we’ll chat 1-on-1 about how we can help you.

Failure’s Around the Corner

Let’s get real for a minute: most indie artists struggle to stand out.

And if we’re going to be extra real… Most of them deserve it.

Sounds harsh, I know. But it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can actually be very good for you, once you understand why most will fail—and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “You can listen to my demos on SoundCloud”
  • “I’m looking for a label, so email me if you’re interested”
  • “I’m gonna make new music, I just haven’t had the time for it”
  • “I just need the right person to notice me and I’ll blow up!”
  • “I’ve found this new Instagram tactic that’s gonna to get me 10k followers in a month”

No judgement—we’ve all been there at some point. It’s hard to break out of bad habits if you don’t know how—or if you don’t even know you have them!

But here’s the paradigm shift that must happen if you want to survive—and thrive—as an indie.

  • From: poorly produced music and acoustic demos.
    • To: remarkable, professional-sounding music.
  • From: songs that sound like everyone else’s.
    • To: a crystal clear identity.
  • From: constantly being distracted by the latest growth hacks and tactics.
    • To: focusing on a long-term path to build a great catalogue of music.

That seems easy, but we know it’s much harder to achieve in real life.

Look, it’s normal to feel like your music isn’t good enough.

It’s normal to struggle to attract the right fans.

It’s normal to try to follow trends in hopes of “making it”.

It’s normal to feel lonely and scared when facing the industry.

And it’s normal to not know everything needed to make your music incredible.

Notice the common factor? Yes, normal. It is normal. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever…

That’s why, if you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of undiscovered indies, you need to make a change.

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The Tiny Indie Transformation

There are 5 key areas you need to focus on to build a sustainable career as an indie artist.

1. You Need Remarkable Music

Plain and simple.

If you want people to listen to your music like you listen to your favourite artists, your stuff needs to be in the top 1%. Any less, and you’ll lose potential fans.

If your songs sound like a collection of unfinished demos or a bunch of loops and samples thrown together in FL Studio…

People are going to notice. They’re going to notice it immediately.

It’s built into our brains. We’ve been trained since we’re kids to feel when something sounds right, and when something’s off. People might not understand why stuff sounds bad or “amateur”. They might not know if it’s the writing, the players, the timing, or the microphones…

But! They sure as hell feel it.

And when they feel it, they press that skip button faster than you can beg them not to.

So you need to be brutally honest with yourself and judge what level your music’s at right now.

If it’s not up there with the artists you love, that’s the one thing you need to get right before anything else.

The quality of your music is the foundation of your career as an independent artist.

2. You Need a Crystal Clear Identity

Your job as an artist is to be fearless in your creative output and to hopefully inspire your generation and beyond.

To inspire people means to lead, to be someone people can look up to, and to expose your true self.

That vulnerability and honesty act like a magnet, a magnet that will attract exactly the right fans for you.

Key words: for you.

You see, people don’t want another Billie Eilish, another Harry Styles, another The Weeknd, or another Lana Del Rey. They already have them. That box is checked. It’s done.

If you want them to care about you, you need to give them something new and unique that can inspire them in a different way.

As far as we can tell there’s only one sure way to accomplish that… You need to be yourself to the core.

Good and bad.

Beautiful and ugly.

Right and wrong…


At the end of the day, that’s all we are, humans connecting with other humans. The moment there’s a lie in that communication, we smell bullshit from a mile away.

Of course you could try to be a carbon copy of another artist and become an industry plant that a big record label leverages to squeeze some money out of and then discard. But if you’ve read all the way up to here, that’s not you.

So, call it having a crystal clear identity, call it branding… Bottom line is you need to be you, 100%.

If the quality of your music is the foundation of your career, having a clear identity that shines through in that music is the front door—it’s what will lead people into your music.

3. You Need to Be Discoverable

Awesome-sounding music, check!

A clear identity, check!


So… Why aren’t people queueing up for you?

Well, wait a minute. The best chocolate cake in the world could be sitting right next door to your house. But if it’s locked in a room where nobody can see it. It’s as good as dead.

It seems obvious, right? You’d put it on display in your storefront. Hang a huge neon sign over it: “Home to the Best Chocolate Cake in the World”. You’d leave the doors wide open so the smell reached the people walking by. And boom! Now we’re in business.

Okay, so why do we—as indie artists—expect people to magically find us then?

You need to be searchable and findable. How are people going to discover you if not?

You’re the chocolate cake, and the chocolate cake owner! You have it all. Don’t stay locked in the room. Open the doors, hang the sign, scream it on the top of your lungs!

There’s no excuse. You need to:

  • Be on all streaming platforms — Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube… you name it. Wherever people are looking for music, you need to be there.
  • Have the same name everywhere — We know some of you are sighing right now. Duh! Obvious. Well, you’d be surprised. Don’t expect people to find you if you’re “Kristen Moon” on Spotify, “@sparkleastronaut” on Instagram, and “The Moon Show” on YouTube. Let’s go, Kristen Moon across the board. Make it easy for people. Let them eat the chocolate cake without having to solve 3 riddles for it.
  • Have the same profile picture everywhere — Hmmm… Don’t make us use another cake analogy!

You get it. You need to be discoverable for people to start listening to your music and following you. This one may sound obvious, but the amount of aspiring artists who aren’t findable is huge.

We’ve got the foundation, we’ve got the front door, and now we have a huge sign on it that says: “Open. 24h a day. Worldwide. Please come in”.

We’re onto something…

4. You Need to Re-invest Into Your Music Business

Being an indie artist has been seen as a forced choice in the past.

Not good enough for a label to sign you? You’re stuck as an indie.

Not anymore though. We’re seeing a shift where more and more artists choose to remain independent, even when labels come knocking on their door.

The truth is, you’re probably better off as an indie now. By the time labels care about you and try to sign you, you’ll have done most of their job for them.

We all know that going from being unknown to getting people to care about your music is very tough.

We also know more people are releasing music nowadays than ever before.

That’s made it so that the labels don’t need to invest in breaking new artists anymore. The ones that put in the work rise to the top on their own, and then the labels try to lure them in.

But by then you won’t fall for it, because being an indie is about way more than that for you. Deep down, it’s about control, ownership, and integrity.

So if you don’t want to sign with a label—which is the right move in 99% of cases— you need to treat your music career as a business.

Businesses need money to work.

This means that in the beginning of your music business, any money you make at your day job that isn’t used to cover your living expenses should be invested into your business.

If that sounds extreme to you, you’re in the wrong lane trying to make it as an indie artist, because there’s someone else willing to go the extra mile and they’re going to succeed where you’ll fail.

The idea is to start small and build over time.

First you need to focus on getting your music to a remarkable level. Songwriting, production, mixing, mastering. If there’s a weak link in the chain, it’s game over.

Then you can expand into improving the content that goes alongside your music: official videos, acoustic performances, photos, behind the scenes footage, etc.

Then you can look into ramping up your investments into marketing and PR efforts.

As you begin to make money from your music business, you’ll re-invest it and keep improving your sound, your content, and your marketing. Think of it as a video game where you have these areas that you keep levelling up over time.

A great way to reframe this in your mind is the following: “There should be no better investment opportunity in my mind than investing in myself”.

With the foundation, the front door, the dope sign, and now the funds available, what’s left?

5. You Need to Adopt a Long-term Mindset

Now we have to build the house.

  • It can’t be done quickly.
  • It’s going to be hard.
  • You’re going to want to quit.

And there’s no way around it!

If you want a career as an indie artist, you need to buckle in for a long trip and be ready to overcome many obstacles.

Your career is going to be a slow build over years. But again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for you. Every other indie out there that’s after a quick rise will inevitably crash and end up quitting music. Meanwhile you’ll be focused on building your catalogue and gaining fans steadily over time.

I’m sorry this doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s the cold hard truth.

You need to adopt a long-term mindset and take it day by day.

  • Compare yourself to yourself yesterday, not to someone else today.
  • Focus on your art and your catalogue, not on fame and awards.
  • Meet your own high standards, don’t settle for what the masses are blindly doing.

This might very well be the best piece of advice we can give you.

With your long-term perspective, the short-term setbacks won’t make you pity yourself. You’ll simply see them as lows in a very long journey upwards.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your mindset, it’ll be the key to your success in the long run.

Keep those 5 key areas in mind and you’ll be on your way to a successful independent career.

Now let’s get to work and build you a fucking outstanding house.

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The 3 Phase Plan for Your Music to Start Growing

Going from a demo or an idea to a fully finished song that’s ready for release is no small undertaking.

That’s why in Tiny Indies we’ve divided the process into 3 phases.

  1. Phase I — Where we get to know each other and you book your project.
  2. Phase II — Where we make your music.
  3. Phase III — Where we wrap your project and your music starts to grow.

Phase I is all about figuring out if we’re a good fit and what your project needs. We’ll do this in 3 simple steps:

Phase I Steps

  1. Schedule a call — Select a date & time that works for you.
  2. Get to know us — If we’re gonna create your music together, we both have to feel like we’re a good fit. Ask all your questions, explain your vision, you can even tell us about the weather if you want! Let’s find out if we click.
  3. Book your project — Every artist has different needs. Our job is to bring out the best in you and help with the rest. We’ll build a custom plan for you and lock in the start date.

Once you’ve booked your project we’ll jump into Phase II, where we’ll do all the cool stuff: songwriting, production, mixing and mastering.

But more on that once we’ve had our call!

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What Makes Tiny Indies So Special?
It’s All About the Mistakes You’ll Avoid.

At Tiny Indies we know you are the kind of people who want to be successful independent artists.

In order to be that way, you need remarkable music that attracts the right fans. The problem is your music probably isn’t at that level yet, which makes you feel insecure about your ability to build a fanbase.

We believe you shouldn’t have to wait until you’re a big star with a big budget to create the music you dream of.

As indie artists ourselves, we understand what it’s like to have a vision for your song, but to feel incapable of bringing it to life. We know how scary it is to face the music industry by yourself.

That’s why we’re here to bring out the best in you and help you with all the rest. We will tell you exactly what has worked for us and what hasn’t. We’re out there testing ourselves as indies day in and day out, so if we can save you a few years of mistakes while we make awesome music together, that’s a win-win in our book.

Here’s how it works: first you schedule a call so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. Then if we’re both happy and excited to work together, you go ahead and book your project.

So schedule a call, so you can stop drowning in a sea of undiscovered indies and start loving the way you sound.

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Case Study: Passing Lane

“I used to record poor quality demos in a bedroom, then sprinkle them across social media with at most a few hundred views. Now my songs are being played on all major platforms, I’ve had my first radio interview, and even other opportunities as a songwriter. All because I could push play on quality tracks that wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Sasha and his team at Tiny Indies.”

“Right off the bat in the beginning, I could see a dramatic difference in the level of organization, efficiency, and professionalism working with Tiny Indies rather than other people, including myself. I knew it was going to be the most effective step I’ve ever taken in trying to further my career.”

~ Sam Wesley, indie artist known as Passing Lane ~

Passing Lane is Sam Wesley.

From Winslow, Arizona, USA.

Passing Lane is a band, but it’s really just Sam. Like Tame Impala is really just Kevin Parker, you get it.

Sam’s a drummer first, he began playing as a kid. The story of how a janitor at his school took him to a forgotten room in the basement and showed him an old drum kit covered in dust is awesome, you should ask him about it one day.

He also writes, sings, plays guitar and bass.

We met Sam in late 2018, through a demo he uploaded to a Facebook group.

Sam was uploading demos like these to his FB page and sharing them in music groups.

Once we had a call with him it became apparent that he embodied the traits of a Tiny Indie:

  • He wanted to sound as great as his idols.
  • He knew he wasn’t there yet — he was very honest with us and with himself about how far his current skills could get him.
  • He had a clear “why” — he had something to say and a deep desire to make music.
  • He understood the importance of building a team around his music — he was just tired of people leaving because they didn’t have the same level of commitment he had.
  • He wasn’t expecting instant success — in fact he’s strongly focused on the long-term and isn’t interested in quick fame or shortcuts.

The potential was there from day one, both in his raw need to express himself through music and in his mindset. He was just overwhelmed by the industry and not sure about what he should focus on next.

The first project we worked on together was his song “Kaleidoscope Reality”. We took it from his demo:

Sam showed great initiative by self-recording and uploading these demos.

To a final production ready for release:

Our main goal was to establish a unique sound for Passing Lane, joining his references and his talent to create a clear identity.

To pull this off:

  • We helped Sam improve his home studio setup to record better vocals
  • We produced the record online
  • We mixed and mastered at Elkar Studios with Víctor Sánchez

At first Sam wasn’t very confident in his singing ability—a very common trait in indies—but over the course of working on his first EP with us he became a whole new singer. We love Sam’s vocals 💖

Sam recording vocals

Sam recording vocals cradling a makeshift baby. Anything to get the emotion right!

It’s not only his confidence in singing that’s improved since we started working together:

  • He’s turned his closet into a badass vocal booth to improve his vocal recordings.
  • He’s started to learn Ableton to create better starting points for his songs.
  • He’s been practicing his instruments more, and is currently super into playing bass.

After working on “Kaleidoscope Reality”, he decided to book a full EP with us, which would turn into his first official EP “Crushed Dreams”, released in late 2020.

Producing “Dream” was a very special moment in the project.

He actually flew out to Spain to work with us in person for the last part of the EP.

Sam at Elkar Studios with Sasha

Sam (sitting) and Sasha (standing) at Elkar Studios in San Sebastián.

Of course we went out for celebratory drinks when we finished the project. Here we are at a typical Basque cider house 🍻

Sam with Sasha and friends at a Sidreria in San Sebastián

Fun fact: you can spot this picture of us in Sam’s home studio now. See if you can find it on his YouTube channel!

This is just the beginning for Passing Lane, and we’re very proud to see him taking steps in the right direction. Now Sam’s focused on putting together his band for live gigs and he’s in the songwriting phase for his next releases.

Sam’s become much more than a client to us. He’s a friend.

“Working with Sasha isn’t like hiring a producer and renting a studio. It’s like going to a friend’s house to jam, but the result is a radio ready Hollywood level production.”

~ Sam Wesley, indie artist known as Passing Lane ~

And that’s our goal with every artist we work with.

Music is art before product; and we are people before business.

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What if I don’t like the result?

You’ll be involved in the decision making process from day one. We’re not going to make your music in a vacuum and then send you the final files and say goodbye. That’s the opposite of what we do.

Here’s how it actually works: the project only moves forward with your green light. This way you’re assured that the final product will match your taste and vision. You’ll watch the initial idea evolve from demo all the way to finished song—and you’ll approve every step in songwriting, production, mixing, and mastering.

Plus, before we even get to the music making process, we’ll have had time to get to know each other and understand what you want for the project. Once we’re crystal clear on that, the first step in the music making process will be pre-production, where we’ll set clear references and an aesthetic direction to follow.

How is this different from me buying a beat and singing over it?

Unlike pre-made beats, leases, and song templates, we make unique songs for you so that your identity shines and you’re not another indie that sounds exactly like everyone else.

Bottom line? How your music sounds is the most important part of your career as an artist, and as such, it should be your priority to make it sound as great as you can at any given point in your career.

Remember, every song you release becomes an asset that you own forever. Being cheap now might save you some bucks, but it will cost you a lot more in the long run, not only money-wise, but in terms of wasted time.

Where can I listen to your own music?

Hey 👋 Sasha here.

You can check out my work anywhere you listen to music. Here’s a couple links:

I’m currently releasing singles in my project “#pinkfridays vol. II”.

#pinkfridays are collections of singles that I release in between bigger projects like EPs and LPs. It’s my way of putting out new music and staying consistent while I keep working on bigger projects.

The latest song is “been waiting so long”.

Here’s a video of me explaining the production of the song:

WARNING! This is a long-ass video 😂 Multiple coffees or teas needed for full viewing!

You could also just go to my website and check out whatever you want there!

How does online production work?

Our goal is to join the best of both worlds: physical studios and online production.

It’s undeniable that some recordings need to be done in professional A-grade studios… but it’s also true that rates can be astronomical and it can be quite an intimidating experience for newer artists.

It’s undeniable that great mixes and masters come from experienced engineers… but it’s also true that you have to speak their language and know how to communicate exactly the result you’re after, and hold them accountable if they don’t get it.

It’s undeniable that most awesome music comes from teams of people working together… but it’s also true that most artists are introverts that do their best work alone, and therefore would benefit greatly from having their own space and time to think things through before making decisions—instead of feeling rushed in studio sessions where every minute counts and people are gathered around waiting for them to perform.

Look, we’re indie artists too, and that’s why we know exactly what parts of the old-way of making music don’t really benefit the artist. That’s why we’ve worked out our online production system to bring out the best in you as an artist, and leave the uglier, more stressful parts to us. It’s our honest attempt to take some pressure off you so you have space and time to make decisions and perform—while still getting remarkable results.

You won’t need to book studios, work out how much time you’ll need, deal with engineers, or get the perfect take in a tight one day schedule.

We’ll get into the specifics of what apps and tech we use in Phase II—once you’ve booked your project and we begin the music making process.

Can you make me sound like [Insert Artist Name]?

Yes, we probably could. But, no, we won’t.

Our job is to make you sound like the best version of yourself.

Honestly, you shouldn’t even want anything else. You are the best you, period.

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